About Us

As our name suggests, Mr David Smith together his wife Patricia, built and founded the property business initially in London, later moving to the New Forest and joined by their sons Andrew and Matthew and daughter Michelle.

Together we are a family business and therefore provide a committed team to support you in your every need. The reality is that, as a family business, we have the advantage of entrepreneurial spirit harvested over the years, together with flexibility and opportunism.

Over the years, David Smith has worked hard to form a grounded and loyal foundation. As such, the entire family has a certain level of intimacy with its tenants, ensuring a solid built-in support system meaning problems are addressed quickly and rental solutions adapted to the needs of the client.

Andrew Smith, who heads up our maintenance team, has over 25 years experience in commercial property development. As well as providing structural support, Andrew also calls upon local reliable plumbers, electricians, joiners and decorators to help keep our premises in good shape.

As a family business, we aim to exhibit social responsibility at all times. Our business image and local reputation is important, endeavouring to work alongside the local community wherever possible.